You can have all the time in the world and still feel like there is just not enough of it. Time feels like it is such an important thing, it either goes by too fast or it seems to drag on. Yet time is what motivates us to do things, the fear that we will run out of time before we have completed the task at hand (whether it’s an english paper or life itself). I have learned recently that people need to stop looking at time and money and start focusing on happiness. Imagine a world where people taught children to seek self-awareness instead of status, and happiness instead of money. What if we taught the next generation that being successful doesn’t mean you have to push other people down in the process. There is so many things that are more important than money, but some how we have given money the power to run our whole world. Almost everything comes with a price tag now, but there are still a few things that you will never be able to buy, and time is one of them.



Welcome to my new little world I am so glad to have you here with me. I don’t want to give away too much because I want us to grow together. Long life story short I am 17 and a Junior in high school (which is where the hs in hswisdom comes from). I have absolutely no idea what my life plan is and that’s okay because no one every really knows what they are doing. We all just act like what we know we are doing so no one catches on. Anyways this is going to be a place where I can put my wisdom out into the world and feel like I am doing something good. I have no idea how much I will be able to help or how often I am going to post but welcome anyways and I hope I can help. If there is anything you want to ask specifically or any advice you want I am here to help 🙂